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This fresh Annual Plant reports quantity is the second one variation of the hugely winning and well-received Annual Plant stories, quantity 2.

This fascinating new quantity offers an up to date survey of the biochemistry and body structure of plant secondary metabolism. the quantity commences with an outline of the biochemistry, body structure and serve as of secondary metabolism, via special studies of the foremost teams of secondary metabolites: alkaloids and betalains, cyanogenic glucosides, glucosinolates and nonprotein amino acids, phenyl propanoids and similar phenolics, terpenoids, cardiac glycosides and saponins. a last bankruptcy discusses the evolution of secondary metabolism.

This conscientiously compiled new version brings jointly chapters from a number of the world's major specialists in plant secondary metabolism. thoroughly revised and taken correct brand new with a lot new details, this quantity is a vital buy for complex scholars, researchers and pros in biochemistry, body structure, molecular biology, genetics, plant sciences, agriculture, medication, pharmacology and pharmacy, operating within the educational and business sectors, together with these operating within the pesticide and pharmaceutical industries. Libraries in all universities and study institutions the place those topics are studied and taught will want copies of this glorious quantity on their shelves.

  • A significant other quantity Annual Plant studies quantity 39, services and Biotechnology of Plant Secondary Metabolites, moment Edition, Edited by means of M. Wink, can also be available.

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