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By Don E. Wilson

Lengthy the topic of fable and superstition, bats were one of the so much misunderstood of mammals as a result of their nocturnal conduct, potential for flight, and unusual visual appeal. trying to dispel the myths linked to those amazing creatures and arguing for his or her key function in a balanced surroundings, Bats in Question covers all features of bat biology in a realistic question-and-answer format.

Describing the place bats reside, how they use echolocation to navigate, or even why they grasp the wrong way up, the ebook additionally offers the conservation prestige of all 925 bat species. Don E. Wilson strains the evolution of bats and exhibits their outstanding range through describing all of the significant teams when it comes to their varied physique buildings and habitats. He sheds mild on bats' advanced social platforms, awesome version in dimension, and nutrients personal tastes that surround vegetation, bugs, and mammals. The booklet additionally explores cultural attitudes approximately bats—telling how, till lately, bats were relegated to the area of vampires and the way they've got emerged to take their position in public expertise as vital and interesting participants of our ecosystems.

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