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By Melvin Berger, Gilda Berger

From easy questions like "Can medical professionals deal with snakebites?" to extra advanced ones like "How does a scorpion sting?," this ebook supplies the solutions children want.

Whether they have been stung through a bee or visible lethal animals on the zoo or on tv, teenagers are thinking about and fearful of toxic creatures. This booklet explains every thing approximately those animals, from how they produce their venom to how they have been utilized by people to win wars and kill prisoners. Trivia-hungry readers should be surprised to profit that the king cobra can develop to a size of 18 toes and that a few ants can use their poison to place out small fires.

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His fingers burned and grew numb. the scoop startled each person. The pitohui poultry used to be the 1st toxic fowl recognized to people. Its poison is way like that of the poison arrow frog. Oddly sufficient, the frog and fowl additionally glance just a little alike with their orange and black shades. Do any toxic creatures prey on people? No. people are usually not the focus of any toxic creature on the planet. nonetheless, the poison of many forms of animals can damage you. yet don’t be afraid. know about the behavior and markings of toxic creatures. Then use logic and be cautious if you happen to discover outdoor. don't annoy or decide up unusual animals. That means you could reside in peace with toxic creatures nearly at any place you cross. forty six Short-tailed shrews forty seven INDEX asthma 18 American short-tailed shrew forty six antivenins thirteen ants 26 beaded lizard 17 bee stings 21 birds four, 34, forty six black widow 7 bombardier beetle forty two, forty five field jellyfish 30 bulldog ant 26 bumblebees 22 caterpillars 22, forty-one claws 29 cone shell 38 copperheads eight, eleven coral snake 12 darkling beetle forty five digger wasp 25 medical professionals thirteen, 21 duck-billed platypus forty six eels 14 fireplace ants 26 frogs eight, 29, 34 backyard tiger moth forty two Gila monster 17 Hannibal eleven honeybees 18, 21 hunters 37 jaws 26 jellyfish 30, 32 killer bees 21 king cobra eleven ladybugs forty five lizards four, 17 mice four, 29 milk snake 12 millipedes forty five monarch butterfly forty two octopus 14 pitohui fowl forty six poison arrow frogs 34, forty six Portuguese man-of-war 32 puffer fish 14 rattlesnakes 7, eight Romans 25, 37, 38 saliva scorpion scorpion fishes sea anemone sea snails sea snakes sea wasp snakes spiders spines spitting cobra stinger stingray stink insects stonefish tarantulas tentacles toads velvet ant venom wasps webs yellow jacket 29, forty six 29 38 32 38 14 30 four, eight, 34 four, thirteen, 22, 29 38, forty-one eleven 18, 29 38 forty five 38 four, 17, 25 30 34 25 four, eight, eleven, 14, 37 four, 22, 25 7 22 concerning the Authors “Between us,” say the Bergers, “we were bitten by means of spiders, stung by means of honeybees, and touched through jellyfish. fortunately, such a lot of what we all know approximately tarantulas, rattlesnakes, Gila monsters, and stingrays comes from study. Our paintings in this ebook has taught us by no means to consume a puffer fish, decide up a blue-ringed octopus, or kiss a brightly coloured frog! ” concerning the Illustrator Jim Effler has been drawing due to the fact that he was once years previous. That was once forty-one years in the past! He enjoys searching for information in ordinary issues. Jim lives in Cincinnati along with his spouse, Debbie, and his daughters, Jenna and Ariana.

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