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By Melvin Berger, Gilda Berger

Presents solutions to such questions about quite a few species of whales and dolphins as "Do all whales have teeth?", "How lengthy do such a lot whales live?", "Why do dolphins whistle?", and "Can dolphins shop humans?"

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Nine How lengthy can whales remain underwater? From 20 mins to two hours. Whale dives final a long way longer than human dives. Even the simplest human diver can remain underwater just a couple of mins with no bobbing up for air. Whale blood holds extra oxygen than human blood. additionally, taking a number of deep breaths sooner than it dives provides additional oxygen to a whale’s blood. in the course of the dive, the whale attracts in this stored-up offer of oxygen. while it’s long gone, the whale returns to the surface—and “thar she blows! ” Do whales have specially huge lungs? No. they simply make strong use of the lungs they do have. for instance, if you breathe deeply you fill approximately one-fourth of your lungs with air. but if whales breathe in, the air fills just about all in their lungs. additionally, whales expend the air of their lungs extra slowly than you do. That’s simply because a whale’s heartbeat will get slower while it dives. A sluggish heartbeat is helping stretch the availability of air. Can whales drown? definite. Whales drown if water enters their blowholes. this occurs while whales get ill, harm, or knotted up in nets or strains less than the ocean. If a whale is not able to swim to the skin to respire, it is going to die by way of drowning. Why do whales occasionally get caught on shore? nobody is familiar with evidently. yet whales occasionally swim onto a seashore and get stranded there. A stranding of 20 or extra whales at a time is named a mass stranding. Stranded whales usually dwell for numerous days on their lonesome. If excessive tide sweeps water over the whales, they could drown. With style remedy, whales can be saved alive longer and helped again into the ocean. 10 Fin Whale Blowhole Dorsal fin Lung Flipper Flukes How do whales keep up a correspondence? With squeals, clicks, whistles, moans, barks, and different sounds. specialists eavesdrop on whale “conversations. ” They pay attention messages going out and solutions coming again. There are “Here i'm” calls that appear to maintain whales jointly. And there are “Keep away” sounds that appear to warn of probability. Do whales have vocal cords? No, they don't. A whale makes sounds via squeezing pouches of air close to its blowhole. it really is very similar to squeezing the bag of a bagpipe: It units up vibrations that produce the sound. you can also make sounds the best way whales do. Fill a balloon with air. Then open the neck a tiny bit. take heed to the sound the vibrations make. after all, whales have a bonus. The vibrations inside of their large head cavities make sounds that may be heard 1000's of miles away. are you able to see a whale’s ears? No. All you will see that are tiny holes within the pores and skin on its head. the remainder of the ear is within its head—just like human ears. yet small as they're, the openings aid supply whales the main extraordinary listening to. Whales can listen sounds a lot larger and less than you could. and a few whales can decide up underwater sounds from as distant as 1,000 miles (1,600 km)! Can whales see some distance? although a few whales have relatively sturdy imaginative and prescient, so much can't see some distance below the water. Ocean waters are darkish and murky. It’s usually very unlikely to work out various ft (meters) forward. specialists imagine that whales spy-hop, or poke their heads out of the water, to have a look round!

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