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One fish, fish, crimson fish, approximately thirty thousand species of fish―or fishes, as they're thoroughly referred to as while talking of a number of species. this can be yet one of the issues the authors of this fascinatingly informative e-book show in answering universal and not-so-common questions about this ubiquitous workforce of animals.

Fishes differ size-wise from tiny gobies to the large Ocean Sunfish, which weighs hundreds of thousands of kilos. They stay in precisely approximately all people of water on this planet. Ichthyologists Gene Helfman and Bruce Collette offer exact, unique, and occasionally fantastic solutions to over a hundred questions about those water dwellers, resembling "How many sorts of fishes are there?" "Can fishes breathe air?" "How shrewdpermanent are fishes?" and "Do fishes believe pain?" They clarify how bony fishes advanced, the connection among them and sharks, and why there's lots colour edition between species. alongside the way in which we additionally find out about the Devils gap Pupfish, which has the smallest diversity of any vertebrate on this planet; Lota lota, the one freshwater fish to spawn below ice; the Candiru, a pencil-thin Amazonian catfish that inns itself in a truly own position on male bathers and has to be got rid of surgically; and plenty of different curiosities.

With greater than a hundred photographs―including full-color picture galleries―and the main up to date proof at the world's fishes from most appropriate specialists, this enjoyable publication is definitely the right bait for any curious naturalist, angler, or aquarist.

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P. cm. comprises bibliographical references and index. ISBN-13: 978-1-4214-0222-2 (hardcover : alk. paper) ISBN-10: 1-4214-0222-X (hardcover : alk. paper) ISBN-13: 978-1-4214-0223-9 (pbk. : alk. paper) ISBN-10: 1-4214-0223-8 (pbk. : alk. paper) 1. Fishes—Miscellanea. I. Collette, Bruce B. II. identify. QL617. H35 2011 597—dc22 2011008289 A catalog checklist for this e-book is obtainable from the British Library. All photographs are by way of Gene Helfman except in a different way indicated. distinct savings can be found for bulk purchases of this ebook. for additional info, please touch precise revenues at 410-516-6936 or specialsales@press. jhu. edu. The Johns Hopkins college Press makes use of environmentally pleasant booklet fabrics, together with recycled textual content paper that's composed of not less than 30 percentage post-consumer waste, every time attainable. All is ichthyological in layout, if now not rationale. —JOHN FAHEY Contents Acknowledgments advent 1 Introducing Fishes What are fishes? what's the plural of fish? what number types of fishes are there? Why are fishes very important? what's the most vital fish in the US? Why may still humans care approximately fishes? the place do fishes stay? what's the present category of fishes? Why will we want a procedure of class? what's a species? How are species prepared in a category? What characterizes the foremost teams of bony fishes? whilst did fishes first evolve? what's the oldest fossil fish? 2 shape and serve as of Fishes What are the most important and smallest residing fishes? what's the shortest-lived fish? what's the longest-lived fish? Do all fishes have bones? Do all fishes have fins? Do all fishes have enamel? Do all fishes have scales? what's the metabolism of a fish? How do fishes breathe less than water? How lengthy can a fish reside out of water? Can fishes breathe air? what's a gasoline bladder? What are lungfishes? Why do a little fishes reside in salt water and others in clean water? Do fishes sleep? Can fishes see colour? Can any fishes fly? What are electrical fishes? Can any fishes produce mild? three Fish colours Why are such a lot of fishes silver? What factors the various shades of fishes? Is there a reason behind the colour styles of fishes? What colour are a fish’s eyes? Do fishes swap colours as they develop? Do a fish’s shades swap in several seasons? Is there a lot geographic edition within the colour of a fish species? four Fish habit Are fishes social? Why do fishes shape faculties? Do fishes struggle? Do fishes chew humans? How shrewdpermanent are fishes? Do fishes play? Do fishes speak? How do fishes steer clear of predators? five Fish Ecology Do fishes migrate? what number fish species dwell in rivers as opposed to lakes? what percentage fish species dwell within the ocean? How a long way down within the ocean do fishes stay? Which geographic areas have the main species of fishes? Are there fishes within the barren region? Do fishes reside in caves? How do fishes continue to exist the iciness? Do fishes get ill? how are you going to inform if a fish is ill? Are fishes strong for the surroundings? 6 copy and improvement of Fishes How do fishes reproduce? Do all fishes lay eggs? Why do a little fishes lay such a lot of eggs yet different fishes lay just a couple of?

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