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Now in its 7th variation, Histology: A textual content and Atlas is perfect for scientific, dental, healthiness professions, and undergraduate biology and cellphone biology scholars. This best-selling blend textual content and atlas encompasses a particular textbook, which emphasizes scientific and useful correlates of histology absolutely supplemented via vividly informative illustrations and photomicrographs. Separate, fantastically illustrated atlas sections persist with nearly each bankruptcy and have large-size, full-color electronic photomicrographs with labels and observed descriptions that spotlight structural and sensible info of cells, tissues, and organs.
up-to-date all through to mirror the newest advances within the box, this “two in a single” textual content and atlas gains a superb artwork application with all illustrations thoroughly revised and redrawn in addition to a reader-friendly structure together with purple highlighted key phrases, blue medical textual content, and folders that disguise scientific correlations and practical considerations.
  • NEW! All illustrations are actually thoroughly revised and redrawn for a constant artwork program.
  • NEW! Histology a hundred and one sections supply scholars with a reader-friendly evaluate of crucial info lined within the previous chapters.
  • NEW! up to date mobile and molecular biology insurance displays the most recent advances within the field.
  • More than a hundred atlas plates that comprise 435 full-color, high-resolution photomicrographs.
  • Reader-friendly highlights together with pink daring phrases, blue medical textual content, and folders that includes scientific and useful correlations that raise scholar knowing and allows effective study.
  • Easy-to-understand tables relief scholars in studying and reviewing info (such as staining concepts) with no need to depend on rote memorization.
  • Features of cells, tissues, and organs and their features and destinations are provided in easy-to-locate, easy-to-review bulleted lists.
  • Additional scientific correlation and practical attention folders were additional offering details concerning signs, photomicrographs of diseased tissues or organs, brief histopathological descriptions, and molecular foundation for scientific intervention.

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