Download E-books Learning From the Octopus: How Secrets from Nature Can Help Us Fight Terrorist Attacks, Natural Disasters, and Disease PDF

By Rafe Sagarin

Regardless of the billions of greenbacks we’ve poured into overseas wars, fatherland defense, and catastrophe reaction, we're essentially no greater ready for the following terrorist assault or unparalleled flood than we have been in 2001. Our reaction to disaster is still unchanged: upload one other step to airport safeguard, one other meter to the levee wall. This process has proved absolutely useless: reacting to prior threats and attempting to expect destiny hazards will purely waste assets in our more and more unpredictable world.

In studying from the Octopus, ecologist and defense specialist Rafe Sagarin rethinks the likely intractable challenge of defense through drawing suggestion from a stunning resource: nature. organic organisms were living—and thriving—on a risk-filled planet for billions of years. Remarkably, they've got performed it with no making plans, predicting, or attempting to excellent their responses to advanced threats. particularly, they just adapt to resolve the demanding situations they constantly face.

Military leaders, public health and wellbeing officers, and enterprise pros could all prefer to be extra adaptable, yet few have discovered how. Sagarinargues that we will be able to examine from watching how nature is equipped, how organisms study, how they bring partnerships, and the way existence always diversifies in this unpredictable planet.

As quickly as we dip our feet right into a chilly Pacific tidepool and watch what we proposal was once a rock become an octopus, jetting away in a cloud of ink, we will start to see the how human adaptability can mimic traditional variation. an identical mechanisms that enabled the octopus’s break out additionally permit our immune approach to chase away new infectious ailments, helped squaddies in Iraq to acknowledge the specter of IEDs, and aided Google in constructing quicker how one can notice flu outbreaks.

While we are going to by no means be ready to are expecting the following earthquake, terrorist assault, or industry fluctuation, nature can advisor us in constructing safety structures that aren't basically reactive yet proactive, holistic, and adaptable. From the tidepools of Monterey to the mountains of Kazakhstan, Sagarin takes us on an eye-opening journey of the safety demanding situations we are facing, and exhibits us how we'd learn how to reply extra successfully to the unknown threats lurking in our destiny.

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