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By Sanjiv Harpavat, Sahar Nissim

This best-selling microbiology deck is now extra updated and high-yield than ever. each one card encompasses a microorganism at the entrance and info its medical presentation, pathogenesis, analysis, and remedy at the again. Full-color scientific images, schematics, and algorithms let you try your self, establish pathogens, classify organisms, and get ready for end-of-course tests and the USMLE Step 1.

Use examine time successfully with this flash card deck!
Full-color photomicrographs and schematics depict the morphology of pathogens, structural good points, and scientific findings.
Recall structure retains your overview full of life and quick—maximizing examine time.
Algorithms on each one card classify organisms for simple memorization.
Take your research at the street! This deck contains on-line entry to 70 bonus USMLE-style Q&A.

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N. meningitidis “Non-typeable” H. influenzae pneumonia happens frequently in adults with COPD or fresh influenza viral an infection. H. influenzae sort B HACEK organisms (Haemophilus species, Actinobacillus actinomycetemcomitans, Cardiobacterium hominis, Eikenella (↓ prevalence with Hib corrodens, and Kingella species) are gram-negative bacilli which are a part of general oral vegetation and will infect center valves. vaccine) they're the commonest gram-negative explanation for endocarditis in non-IV drug clients. 034-057_Harpavat_CoreCards_GramNegBacteria. indd 51b 7/10/11 1:16 AM Legionella pneumophila Gram − micro organism Organisms outdoors of macrophage Macrophage with organisms engulfed inside of coccobacilli, pleomorphic progress on charcoal yeast agar with iron & cysteine L. pneumophila medical CASE A 67-year-old guy with a heritage of heavy smoking involves the physician complaining of “the flu. ” He has a fever, lack of urge for food, headache, chest ache, and a gentle cough generating little sputum. The health professional believes that the watery diarrhea that the guy additionally suffers from is expounded. Sputum pattern finds many neutrophils yet no micro organism. CXR finds nodular infiltrates. Serum assessments are unfavorable for chilly agglutinins. fifty two 034-057_Harpavat_CoreCards_GramNegBacteria. indd fifty two 7/10/11 1:16 AM Legionella pneumophila scientific PRESENTATION Pontiac fever Legionnaire’s illness (atypical pneumonia) PATHOBIOLOGY evidently inhabits water reservoirs → inhaled in aerosols from respiration units, air conditioners → adheres to respiration epithelium through pili → phagocytosed via alveolar macrophages → survives and proliferates inside of nutrient-rich phagosome → weakens macrophage’s respiration burst and forestalls phagosome from fusing to lysosome → contaminated macrophages secrete neutrophil chemoattractants → could lead to: • Pontiac fever: acute flulike ailment lasting 2–5 days • Legionnaire’s illness: neutrophils arrive and shape microabscesses (can be visible on X-ray) → serious unusual pneumonia analysis Gram stains poorly, visualize with silver stain tradition on charcoal yeast extract with iron and cysteine urinary antigen detected by means of radioimmunoassay serology remedy erythromycin speedy evidence Genus named after recognized outbreak of pneumonia in American Legion conference in Philadelphia, 1976. Legionellae are fastidious, a demand chuffed via the wealthy intracellular setting of the macrophage. even though frequently misdiagnosed, Legionella is a crucial explanation for community-acquired pneumonia in aged people who smoke. 034-057_Harpavat_CoreCards_GramNegBacteria. indd 52b research Tip universal factors of unusual pneumonia: Mycoplasma Legionella Chlamydia Viruses 7/10/11 1:16 AM Bordetella pertussis Whooping cough Gram − micro organism Filamentous hemagglutinin (FHA): • Mediates adherence to ciliated epithelium • Anti-FHA Abs generated via vaccine coccobacilli, pleomorphic progress on Bordet-Gengou medium B. pertussis scientific CASE An baby born in a rural sector is delivered to the EW with critical bouts of coughing in the course of the day.

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