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Robert H. MacArthur and Edward O. Wilson's The thought of Island Biogeography, first released by means of Princeton in 1967, is without doubt one of the so much influential books on ecology and evolution to seem long ago part century. by way of constructing a normal mathematical idea to give an explanation for a vital ecological problem--the rules of species range in island populations--the e-book remodeled the technological know-how of biogeography and ecology as an entire. In The concept of Island Biogeography Revisited, a few of cutting-edge so much popular biologists examine the ongoing impression of MacArthur and Wilson's ebook 4 a long time after its ebook. Following a gap bankruptcy within which Wilson displays on island biogeography within the Sixties, fifteen chapters evaluation and reveal how the sphere has prolonged and confirmed--as good as challenged and modified--MacArthur and Wilson's unique rules. supplying a vast photograph of the basic ways that the technological know-how of island biogeography has been formed by way of MacArthur and Wilson's landmark paintings, The concept of Island Biogeography Revisited additionally issues the best way towards intriguing destiny research.

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