Download E-books Zombie Birds, Astronaut Fish, and Other Weird Animals PDF

By Becky Crew

Take a stroll at the bizarre side!

Astronaut fish swimming in 0 gravity? Fluffy little birds hungry for brains? Transformer butterflies morphing in midair? it really is both a nasty journey or one loopy safari.

Becky Crew takes you at the latter via blending severe medical evidence with lighthearted anthropomorphic tales. every one animal profile begins with a quick, funny day-in-the-life-of bit that leads into the genuine technology of those quite unknown creatures. Becky retains issues clean by way of blending in her wit with the fascinating facts.

From bare mole rat copy to the Wolverine-style defenses of Cameroon's furry frogs, Zombie Birds, Astronaut Fish, and different bizarre Animals packs adequate details for one heck of a nature walk.

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